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Submit a wedding

If you want to get featured on Bride in Italy, please send 50-200 images and a description of the wedding and why it should be on Bride in Italy.

While choosing the images for the submission, keep in mind the mission of Bride in Italy: showing how unique, beautitul and passionate can a REAL italian wedding be, with special focus on breathtaking landscapes, ancient and uniques churces, gorgeous undiscovered locations, food, local arts and crafts.

Also keep in mind that

Technical specs and recommendations

Note: In order to have your images featured, both the photographer(s) and bride & groom must agree to have their photos published. So, be sure to inform your photographer if you're a bride, or your clients if you are the photographer, before you send any image to Bride in Italy.


  • Only weddings and wedding related events, strictly made in Italy.
  • Please provide an exhaustive description.
  • Also, you should credit as many vendors as you can.
  • Special focus on locations, environments and any other "Italian style" detail.
  • Pro quality photos
  • See also: Technical specs and recommendations

Photo credit: Andrea Pitti