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Bride in Italy

100% made with love Italian Weddings.
I'd like to show to all our friends from abroad (but, also, to my lazy compatriots) how unique, beautitul and passionate can a REAL italian wedding be. Environments, undiscovered locations, food, local arts and crafts: Italy is much more than the most popular destinations and clichés that you may have seen in every inspiration blog.
I love Italy and I'm gonna passionately fight any standardization of Italian culture. We've got the most rich cultural and environmental heritage. We feature the most talented handicraftsmen, chefs and artists. And photographers, of course.

Nope, on Bride in Italy you won't find any "spaghetti and mandolino" cliché. You will discover that Italy is much more than Venice, Rome, Amalfi Coast; and also, that Rome is much More than Colosseo, Venice is not just canals and bridges (and gondoliers in striped shirts), and Amalfi Coast is not only Ravello :)

I'll leave you speechless. Promise.

About the author

Lulu, c'est moi:
I'm Italian and photography is my lifetime passion. In 2008 I've started my wedding photography business with my husband (a talented Italian photojournalist).
In 2012 I've founded Bride in Italy.