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domenica 3 maggio 2015 11:00

Welcome to our first "Bride in Italy Sunday special".
Sometimes, on Sunday, I'll post a smaller post, with less photos than usual: a quick virtual tour to let you discover some beautiful places in Italy.

Today is the day of Lecce: Apulia is not only Salento. This region is also rich in cities of art.
Let's discover it via the images of the talented photographer Antonio Zanata.

Michela and Marco had their portrait session taken in the Old Town of Lecce, mainly in Sant'Oronzo square (Saint Orontius of Lecce is the saint patron of Lecce). You can see the Saint statue on the left and Palazzo del Seggio (aka "Il sedile") behind the bride and groom.

Below: the Cathedral's bell tower, the entrance of the Saint'Irene of Lecce's church, and the Celestine's Palace: once a Convent, the gorgeous baroque building today hosts the Government House and Provincial Administration.

And finally, a pleasant walk through the narrow streets of the Old Town. Lecce is an authentic baroque jewel. Every corner hiddens some precious spot to discover. Lecce is also known as "the Southern Florence" or even "the Baroque Florence" and it very easy understanding why.

Thanks to Michela and Marco for sharing their photos with us: I think they've had a great idea taking advantage of Lecce's natural beauty for their portraits.
Time to plan a trip to Apulia and visit this amazing city, don't you think?

Photography: Antonio Zanata
Wedding planner: I Matrimoni di Pink | Claudia Girola
Flowers: Ciro Magazzino
Bridal and groom's dresses: Atelier Idea Sposa Lecce

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