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The one thing I love most about blogging on Bride in Italy: even if I am Italian, there are so many places in my country that I don't know and that I find amazing. Bride in Italy let me discover so many undiscovered places that are, frequently, very close to the place where I live. Today, for instance, I'm thinking that I really should plan a trip to Pietrasanta, in Tuscany.

Yep, Tuscany is not good "only" for the countryside, hills and wine.
And that I'll prove you, via the beautiful wedding submitted by Facibeni Fotografia. Follow me.

Quel che mi piace è Pietrasanta: bellissima cittadina, con piazza unica,
una cattedrale da grande città, e, sfondo, le Alpi Apuane.
What I like is Pietrasanta: a beautiful town with a unique square,
a big city-like cathedral, and the Apuan Alps as a background.
Giosuè Carducci, Italian poet

Pietrasanta is a seaside town in Versilia (northern Tuscany), known for the production of bronze and marble: even Michelangelo, the great sculptor, visited Versilia searching for this precious stone.
From the photographer: "Tuscany is widely recognized for its hills, Florence and the historic cities and the great food. Few actually know the Versilia coast, in northern Tuscany, and its beautiful towns. Protected by the Alps on one side and the sea on the other, Versilia is a favorite destination for summer vacations in Tuscany since the '60s. A long 30 km road, also travelable in Vespa, separates the bathing establishments from cities full of boutiques, art and good food." 

Again, from the photographer: "The wedding of this beautiful couple was organized in the town of Pietrasanta, a small but lively town rich in art and craft shops, art galleries and taverns with local products. The center of the town is the square, where in the center is the great cathedral, completely covered with marble outside and painted with frescoes inside."

Pietrasanta Cathedral (aka Duomo di San Martino or Collegiata di San Martino) is a 13th century romanic church. Many of the frescos, sculptures and decors found inside it, were bespoken to talented 17th century Italian artists, by Christine de Lorraine, Grand Duchess of Tuscany and wife of Ferdinando De' Medici.

Now, let's meet Carolina, the bride, who wore a wedding dress by an Italian atelier, Le Spose di Gio:
"It made me feel wonderful for the whole day. The corset, draped in silk chiffon, wrapped my bust leaving my shoulders bare. The skirt, fluffy and light, was made with several layers of silk organza. For the ceremony, I wore a beautiful tulle veil with lace edging; for the reception I preferred a less traditional look, instead: a fascinator with feathers and veil. I had fun with accessories: amber earrings matching the color of my hair, and amazing jewelry sandals by Sergio Rossi, that I ‘ve been madly in love with from the first moment!"

Carolina's parents own a loft near the Cathedral, so she could get to the church walking arm in arm with her father, across the town.

The photographer, again: "Carolina and Alessandro, like many other Italian couples, chose a religious ceremony in the cathedral and the reception at the nearby beach, inside a beach resort.
The church, full of charm and Baroque art, is a reminder of the tradition and history of Italy."

After the ceremony, guests moved to the sea shore for a cocktail made with sparkling wine and fresh seafood. I consider a great feature for an art venue being so close to te sea: Carolina and Alessandro could have a very traditional ceremony, followed by a fresh and informal reception.

Notable fact: do you like the groom's suite? Well, it has been personally designed and sewed by the bride's father, a fashion designer. Even this is Italy: if you're Italian, sometimes you have an artist / artisan / designer between your clotest relatives :)

I leave you with the peaceful view of Pietrasanta seashore, just to remember that summer is almost there.

Photography:  Facibeni Fotografia
Ceremony venue: Pietrasanta Cathedral, Pietrasanta (LU)
Event planner: Franca Ferrali
Bridal dress: Le Spose di Gio
Bridal shoes: Sergio Rossi
Make up and hair styling: Silvia Gerzeli
Reception Venue: Twiga Beach Club

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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