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When I decided to focus Bride in Italy on undiscovered Italy, and natural and cultural Italian heritage, I've also decided not to feature styled shoots anymore. Well, every rule has an exception and today I'll show you such exception: since the styled shoot I'm gonna feature today, has been created and made by a team of talented Italian professionals and artisans. The detail I love: they're all women.

Let's go discover a lovely place near Varese, in the Northern Italy...

La Madonnina is a typical greenhouse converted in a beautiful venue for receptions and parties, keeping its original style. So, the styled shoot theme is very "garden-centered", colorful and perfectly integrated in the natural environment.

Here the inner view of the greenhouse. The mood and light is amazing.

Arianna Oliva and Carmen Di Cianno, make up artist and hair stylist, created a natural and fresh look for the bride. They're both Italian.

All dresses and accessories for the bride are by Marianna Lanzilli, Italian dress maker and designer. Her tailor shop provides the full manufacturing of a wedding dress: design, sewing pattern, cutting, tacking and finishing.

Anemones, buttercups, freesias, are simple but visually stunning floral species: they spontaneously grow in Italy and are very common, although underused in wedding industry.
Caterina Maurini is an Italian flower designer: she personally grows most of the species she uses in her decors.

I love the way the floral decors look natural and in context with the greenhouse.
The bright palette was inspired by some recent trend and moods in Italian fashion industry.

The cake designer, Serena Siani, created a garden-themed candy bar by matching the colors of the cupcakes with the flowers, and by decoring the cake with real flowers. She's Italian, too, of course :)

And, last but not least: the photographer. All the stunning pictures you have seen today have been created by the talented photographer Sara D'Ambra. No need to say: she's Italian.

Whops, I was almost forgetting: there's also a man in the team. His name is Simone Pazienza and he's an Italian videomaker. There's a lovely video from this styled shoot, that you will find here:

The reason why I've featured this work today, is to remember that you can have an unforgettable wedding in Italy simply enjoying the natural environments and beauties of this country. But it is very likely that you'll get the most from your wedding, if you rely on local professionals, who are familiar with the features and resources of the area where they operate.
This way, you will be able to say that you really had an authentic "Italian style" wedding :)

Photographer: Sara D'Ambra Photography
Videographer: Pazart by Simone Pazienza
Make up & Hair Styling: Arianna Oliva and Carmen Di Cianno
Floral Designer: Caterina Maurini Flower Design
Cake Designer: DeliziaMI Cakes & Cupcakes by Elena Giuga
Reception Venue: La Madonnina, Cantello (VA)
Dress Designer: Marianna Lanzilli

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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