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Hello everyone. For today's feature we'll travel to Tibet... or Scotland if you prefer so.
Just kidding: even if most of the landscapes I'm gonna show you may look like other parts of the world... this is Italy, baby. This is Abruzzo.

The talented, Italian photographer Giancarlo Malandra (Wedding Reporter) shared with us a gorgeous engagement session in Campo Imperatore (AQ). Campo Imperatore is a high plateau with mountain grassland, and it is the largest plateau in the Apennines.

Now follow me, and let's discover why it is also called "Little Tibet"...

Here they are: Silvia and Jason. Silvia is italian, Jason comes from Missouri. They elected Abruzzo as destination for their wedding, so their engagement session took place there, too.

Campo Imperatore is part of National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga.
It's an area very rich in wildlife, good for bird watching, with a variety of endemic plants.

The access to the plateau (1800 meters above sea level) is granted by local infrastructures (Gran Sasso cable car is the most important).

Carduus affinis (also known as Abruzzo's thistle) is a very typical plant up there.
It is also used for the tasty thistle soup :)

The second part of the session takes place in another amazing location: Rocca Calascio. It is the highest fortress in the Apennines and was the location for some popular movies, like Ladyhawke (final scene), The Name of the Rose and The American.

Built in 10th century, in stone and masonry, at 1460 mt above sea level, it was used as a military fort and overhangs an ancient village, nowaday uninhabited.

Near the fortress, on the path leading to Santo Stefano di Sessanio, you may notice an octagonal building: it is Santa Maria della Pietà, a 16th century church. 
According to the myth, it has been built in the same spot where local people defeated a gang of brigands.

The castle of Rocca Calascio was included by the National Geographic Magazine among the 15 most beautiful in the world. Even if you aren't planning a wedding, it deserves a trip.

Photography: Wedding Reporter

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

I sincerely hope that you loved this session at least as much as I did.
Feel free to leave a comment below: any advice is (as usual) welcome.


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