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When I traveled to Scotland, I saw a few weddings held in ancient castles, and I thought: what a smart utilization of territorial heritage, in Italy we do not take advantage of our cultural goods this way. Well I was, of course, wrong: my opinion was simply hasty and superficial since what I didn't know, is that in Italy there are plenty of historic buildings used for (and preserved due to) corporate and private events, weddings included.
Actually this is a great way of conservation of all legacies of old ages, since there's someone involved in taking care of places otherwise neglected (maybe you've heard something about our not-so-recent issues with our public protection of cultural heritage), and also it gives the opportunity of experience historic places as living places instead of aseptic museums.

So, the place we will visit today via the lovely photos by Sarah Ferrara, is exactly one of such places: a 15th Century Monastery in Medole, northern Italy.

The Convento dell'Annunciata (Monastery of the Annunciation) was originally a private oratory, then donated to St. Agostino's Hermits: it rises in the woods, so it was a perfect place for the isolation needed by a Monastery.
Nowaday, it has been restaured and enriched by a natural park that hosts local flora and fauna.
The original bedrooms are an agreeable place where a bride can get ready in peace and relaxation.

The inner garden is just so peaceful and lovely. The nice thing, is that the Monastery has been acknowledged as a wedding venue by the town council, so there you can have either a religious or a civil ceremony and they will both be accepted by law.

The environment is severe and romantic at the same time: this is the result of mixing original stone walls with very accurate greenery.
I find it is perfect for intimate weddings. Sandy and Michele opted for a civil outdoor ceremony.

Each building of the complex has a different style and mood, so a couple doesn't have to travel elsewhere to have a great portrait session.

But the part I love most is the Gothic cloister: actually, almost every religious building in Italy has a cloister and it is usually the part that's worth the visit most.
Especially when you can experience it in an easy way.

The Convento dell'Annunciata is located in a territory rich in natural and artistic beauties, very appreciated by visitors from abroad. It is located near to Garda Lake, to Verona (Romeo and Juliet's homeland), to Mantua, the Renaissance capital of Gonzaga, in Brescia, famous for its Roman remains and Lombard. The surrounding countryside is enriched by castles, medieval towns, historic villas, ancient churches hosting a precious artistic heritage, to be discovered beyond mass tourism.

Photography: Sarah Ferrara Photography
Reception Venue: Convento dell'Annunciata

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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