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lunedì 1 dicembre 2014 11:00

Let's do a test: what do you imagine when I say "Venice"? Gondolas, red and white striped shirts, the Bridge of Sighs, venetian masks, don't you?
Today I'd like to show you another side of Venice, and Luca, talented Venice-based photographer, will help me in this matter.
Let's meet Eunice and Anita, two lovely ladies from Hong Kong flying to Venice for their honeymoon and trash the dress session.

"Venice is the most romantic place in the world, but it's even better when there is no one around".
Woody Allen
Let's start with a good hint: if you're planning to have a portrait session in such a popular place like Venice (but the same happens for Rome, Florence and so on), it could be a good idea hiring a local photographer. Yep, to be as clear as possible: not one who only knows the place via touristic guides :)
The reason is, as you can easily guess by the above quote, that popular places are often very crowded. And a local knows exactly what you should avoid in order to get all the best from your session.

Know: depict Italy as you imagine it. Sunny, isn't it?
Well, one thing Luca pointed out to me (and I totally agree) is that the perfect weather for a portrait session in Venice is when it rains a little.

The first reason, is that the pavement gets wet and you'll have those lovely reflections on the floor. The bonus reason, is that you'll have less crowd, even in the most popular landmarks.
Eunice and Anita have been quite smart, by traveling to Venice in Frebruary: that means that most of the usual touristic crowd is missing. That means also that everything is a little more gray. And romantic, indeed. But, if you want to add a stroke of color to your portraits, what about visiting the outdoor fruit market?

Our lovely ladies then had a walk nearby the Museum of Natural History. No need of Bridges of Sighs nor Bridges of Rialto, anymore :)
This area of Venice is simply charming.

But, do you imagine Venice like an immense outdoor Museum, just to visit and look at?
Nope, Venice is a city you'd like to experience. Maybe, stopping by and enjoyng a warm cappuccino?

The last one is my fav.
On the background you can see the amazing church of Santa Maria della Salute (XVII century) and it's domes. The view is from the dockings in front of Palazzo Ducale, in a spot where tourists usually don't go.

I know: when one visits a major destination like Venice, it's quite reasonable to have in mind some stereotyped images. But really: do you feel that the one I've featured today is somehow "less Venice" than if there was a red and white striped gondoliere? :)

Feel free to tell me what you think about, in the comments.

See you on Dec 11th!

Photography: Luca, Wedding Photographer in Venice

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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