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Are you ready for a brand new wedding? Be warned, this one is amazing. It comes from an often underestimated, beautiful Italian region: Abruzzo. You can't probably imagine how many treasures are hidden in this land; and, even if you can, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to amaze you, anyway :)
Antonella and Gabriele came to Abruzzo to celebrate their origins (they live now elsewhere) and had their wedding into the ancient church of Santa Maria Assunta in Bominaco.

So, let's discover that land, described as "forte e gentile" (strong and gentle) by the Italian writer Primo Levi.

Bominaco is a small Middle Ages town at 1.000 mt above sea level. The early Christian church of Santa Maria Assunta will welcome you with the typical, raw look of its stone facade and III-IV Century bas reliefs.

Inside, everything is all about stone and grace, in a balanced mix of decorations and light. Every capitello is an astonishing explosion of details. You won't really need so many flowers to decor such a beautiful church.

Outside, the simple, plain stone walls are most romantic backdrop for any portrait session.
Notice how wild nature merges with architecture? It's all about beauty of contrasts.

But the most amazing part is, once again, inside: the Oratory of San Pellegrino (XIII Century) featuring frescoes that are a stunning example of Abruzzo's medieval paintings. Here you will find histories about Jesus Christ, San Pellegrino and several other saints lifes.
San Pellegrino was a martyr and he is widely revered in this area.
The way religion deeply permeates all aspects of arts and everyday lifes, in any historical time, is a genuine Italian feature, no matter if you believe or you don't :)

Did you enjoy the beauty of the ceremony venue? Get ready for rest, since the reception venue is another stunning historic site: the Monastery-Fortress of Santo Spirito d'Ocre.
As the name itself says, it was once a Cistercian Monastery (one of the earlier Cistercian settlements in whole Abruzzo) and it is also a Fortress, since, positioned below the burg of Ocre, it used to be a strategic fortified outpost. The venue stands on the foundations of the ancient Monastery and now is an event venue providing joy both for your eyes, your brain and your tummy, since it features starred chefs :)

Again, do you think you've seen enough? There's something more to see.
Let's discover the ancient church and its frescos. The one on the end wall is ascribed to Giovanni Paolo Mausonio (XVI Century) and depicts a bright, colorful "Immacolata Concezione" (the Virgin birth).

Imagine how could you feel, having your wedding cake served right there...

Now we've finished, really.
Hope you enjoyed it. Once again, I strongly ask you to feel free to comment, share and leave any feedback you want. I really want to know what you liked most and what you'd like to see in the future.

See you on December 1st... this time in Venezia ;)

Photography: Wedding Reporter | Giancarlo Malandra
Ceremony Venue: Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Bominaco (AQ)
Reception Venue: Monastery-Fortress of Santo Spirito, Ocre (AQ)
Chef: Marcello Spadone, Michelin starred chef

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