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mercoledì 12 novembre 2014 11:00
Real Italian Style Wedding in Procida

Welcome back on "Bride in Italy 2.0" :)
I'm very excited about this first feature after our restart.
I'm gonna show you one of those very unique places in Italy, by the pictures of the talented Tania Lerro.
Meet Katrina and Riccardo: she is Australian, he is English with Italian origins, and they've married into the amazing, colorful island of Procida, in the gulf of Naples.

"E così in eterno ogni perla del mare ricopia la prima perla"
"And thus every pearl in the sea eternally copies the first pearl"
Elsa Morante

Two thing you'll love most about Procida, are the bright color and the (almost) perpetual sun.
And then you'll notice the Mediterranean maquis and the traditional blue pottery, and will fall in love again.

But, the most interesting part is the ceremony, that has been held at the gorgeous Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (Our Lady of Grace).
A Baroque beauty built in 1679, from the remains of a chapel devoted to the Virgin, as a (traditionally Italian) thankfulness symbol and offering, for graces received from the Virgin Mary.
There are several myths and miracles connected to this place, and even if you don't trust the legend about a fisherman saved from a sea monster attack, you cannot remain indifferent to the frescos and paintings and artistic beauty of such church.

I mean: don't you want to get married into a place that is just "beautiful"?

Or, wouldn't you prefer a place that is beautiful...
and also has a story (or lots of stories) to tell?

The portrait session is a lovely walk in the narrow and colorful streets of the island, up to the top of Terra Murata hill and its breathtaking viewpoint.

Also the reception venue has got something special: La Suite is a SPA resort born from the "conservative” renovation of a XVIII century noble mansion.
The garden is created out of the ancient orchard and cleverly mixes exotic plants with the characteristic Mediterranean flora.

I also love how they've covered the wedding cake with lemon branches and leaves.

Bonus tip: want to know more deeply this amazing island and its islander lifes?
Then you cannot miss L'isola di Arturo, a novel by the italian writer Elsa Morante.

That's all for this time.
I hope you all have enjoyed this short, bright trip.
Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you most liked and what you'd like to see more in the forthcoming features.
Any feedback is always welcome and very useful.

Photography: Tania Lerro Photography
Ceremony Venue: Santuario Madonna delle Grazie, Procida
Reception Venue: La Suite - Hotel & Spa

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