Styled Shoot | An Italian Style Vibrant Spring | Lombardia | Sara D'Ambra

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When I decided to focus Bride in Italy on undiscovered Italy, and natural and cultural Italian heritage, I've also decided not to feature styled shoots anymore. Well, every rule has an exception and today I'll show you such exception: since the styled shoot I'm gonna feature today, has been created and made by a team of talented Italian professionals and artisans. The detail I love: they're all women.

Let's go discover a lovely place near Varese, in the Northern Italy...

Sunday special | Discovering Cetara in Amalfi Coast | Campania | Chiara Natale

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Are you ready for another "Sunday Special"? For those wondering, it is a smaller post than usual, that I will post sometimes on Sunday, just to let you discover some lovely and uncommon places in Italy.
Today we will visit Amalfi Coast. Not Ravello, not Amalfi: let's discover Cetara, via the images submitted by Chiara Natale

Real wedding | Pietrasanta: a seaside marble Cathedral | Toscana | Facibeni Fotografia

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The one thing I love most about blogging on Bride in Italy: even if I am Italian, there are so many places in my country that I don't know and that I find amazing. Bride in Italy let me discover so many undiscovered places that are, frequently, very close to the place where I live. Today, for instance, I'm thinking that I really should plan a trip to Pietrasanta, in Tuscany.

Yep, Tuscany is not good "only" for the countryside, hills and wine.
And that I'll prove you, via the beautiful wedding submitted by Facibeni Fotografia. Follow me.

Quel che mi piace è Pietrasanta: bellissima cittadina, con piazza unica,
una cattedrale da grande città, e, sfondo, le Alpi Apuane.
What I like is Pietrasanta: a beautiful town with a unique square,
a big city-like cathedral, and the Apuan Alps as a background.
Giosuè Carducci, Italian poet

Engagement | Italy's Little Tibet: Campo Imperatore | Abruzzo | Wedding Reporter

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Hello everyone. For today's feature we'll travel to Tibet... or Scotland if you prefer so.
Just kidding: even if most of the landscapes I'm gonna show you may look like other parts of the world... this is Italy, baby. This is Abruzzo.

The talented, Italian photographer Giancarlo Malandra (Wedding Reporter) shared with us a gorgeous engagement session in Campo Imperatore (AQ). Campo Imperatore is a high plateau with mountain grassland, and it is the largest plateau in the Apennines.

Now follow me, and let's discover why it is also called "Little Tibet"...

Sunday special | Discovering Lecce | Puglia | Antonio Zanata

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Welcome to our first "Bride in Italy Sunday special".
Sometimes, on Sunday, I'll post a smaller post, with less photos than usual: a quick virtual tour to let you discover some beautiful places in Italy.

Today is the day of Lecce: Apulia is not only Salento. This region is also rich in cities of art.
Let's discover it via the images of the talented photographer Antonio Zanata.

Real wedding | A deeply spiritual love, in Assisi countryside | Umbria | Sugar Cookies

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After a not-so-short break, today I'll let you discover Umbria, an Italian region full of nature, arts and spirituality. With its naturally rich environment, Umbria can always charm its visitors, tourists and pilgrims.
The amazing beauty of umbrian landscapes, mixed to its immense cultural and spiritual heritage, make its cities (Assisi above all) an appetible destination for an unique and complete experience.

Micol and Daniele, both Italians, celebrated their wedding in Santa Maria Degli Angeli, a suburb of Assisi, as you'll discover via the vivid images by Sugar Cookies photographers.

Real Wedding | The romantics of a 15th Century Monastery | Lombardia | Sarah Ferrara

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When I traveled to Scotland, I saw a few weddings held in ancient castles, and I thought: what a smart utilization of territorial heritage, in Italy we do not take advantage of our cultural goods this way. Well I was, of course, wrong: my opinion was simply hasty and superficial since what I didn't know, is that in Italy there are plenty of historic buildings used for (and preserved due to) corporate and private events, weddings included.
Actually this is a great way of conservation of all legacies of old ages, since there's someone involved in taking care of places otherwise neglected (maybe you've heard something about our not-so-recent issues with our public protection of cultural heritage), and also it gives the opportunity of experience historic places as living places instead of aseptic museums.

So, the place we will visit today via the lovely photos by Sarah Ferrara, is exactly one of such places: a 15th Century Monastery in Medole, northern Italy.